Amitec Telecom delivers latest generation of 2.5G and LTE products providing customised solutions for various markets


Amitec RRH

Amitec Alpha Series Remote Radio Head an advanced integrated system able to handle multiple LTE carriers in an outdoor sealed form factor. Thanks to its small form factor, this high power version can be easily deployed for
medium range base station, used in case of emergency (tactical cell) or used for drone application.

Amitec eNodeB

Amitec Proxima series of eNodeB is the next generation of eNodeB having 3GPP LTE Release 12 compliance. The eNodeB is based on a rack mountable server for a mono/tri sector configuration. With advanced baseband processing the system can handle many users and provide high throughput to individual users.

Amitec EPC

Amitec Orion series is the next generation of Evolved Packet Core (EPC) having 3GPP LTE Release 12 compliance. The EPC is based on a rack mountable server and can handle multiple eNodeB. EPC has Mobile Management Entity (MME) with built-in Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Serving Gateway (S-GW) and Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW). MME supports several eNodeBs with standard S1 interface. It also has NAS integrity check and encryption using AES and Snow3G algorithms. Along with configurable user database, MME also has IPv6 support.

The telecom range of products and solutions are designed keeping in the mind the need of next generation of applications. Along with our standard 2.5G solution BTS02 and 4G/LTE product ENB04, we also provide customised and turn key solutions for various markets. Some of the key focus areas include Private Networks, Communication Network setup for industries such as mining and shipping, Rural Connectivity and Military and defence networks and Last mile solutions. We also integrate existing fixed line and wireless networks with our solutions.