Amitec Telecom delivers latest generation of 2.5G and LTE products providing customised solutions for various markets

The telecom range of products and solutions are designed keeping in the mind the need of next generation of applications. Along with our standard 2.5G solution BTS02 and 4G/LTE product ENB04, we also provide customised and turn key solutions for various markets. Some of the key focus areas include Private Networks, Communication Network setup for industries such as mining and shipping, Rural Connectivity and Military and defence networks and Last mile solutions. We also integrate existing fixed line and wireless networks with our solutions.



BTS02 is a GSM outdoor basestation for rural and urban areas with an IP based backhaul. This allows for delivery of Voice, Text and Data services for mobile applications.
The modular architecture lends to easy upgrade. The power amplifier and duplexer can be changed to operate on different bands. It provides low rate speech encoding to reduce backhaul loading, It has been designed to reach the next billion mobile subscribers in developing countries and remote islands.


The Amitec ENB04 is intended for deployment as outdoor/indoor macrocell EnodeB for isolated rural and cluttered urban areas or onboard vehicles and ships. It allows to replicate 4G LTE Advanced (Voice + Video + Data + Text + Chat) cellular network with release 12 as per with advanced technologies like MIMO, carrier aggregation, beam forming etc. The system is complete with reconfigurable EnB’s and EPC pre-configured; future ready to handle next generation of data rate capabilities for exceptional value and performance.