Amitec BTS02

BTS02 is a GSM outdoor basestation for rural and urban areas with an IP based backhaul. This allows for delivery of Voice, Text and Data services for mobile applications.
The modular architecture lends to easy upgrade. The power amplifier and duplexer can be changed to operate on different bands. It provides low rate speech encoding to reduce backhaul loading, It has been designed to reach the next billion mobile subscribers in developing countries and remote islands.


  • Most value for money, lowest power consumption and easiest to deploy GSM basestation
  • Performs all the functions of a regular mobile communication network
  • Uses 3G / 4G / WiFi backhaul IP modem that supports an easy extension of mobile coverage into remote areas
  • Network in a box (doesn’t require a BSC) reduces the cost of service, maintenance and support in both rural and urban environments
  • Web Graphic User Interface for registering, routing calls, SMSs, and user authentication
  • BTS operation can be configured remotely
  • System contains the basic HLR/AuC and VLR/MSC functions of the 2G GSM network
  • ASIC Architecture: combines LNA, PA driver, RX/TX Mixers, RX/TX Filters, Synthesizers, RX Gain control, TX power control
  • Upto +40dBm Transmit power and -120dBm Sensitivity Receiver FPGA programmable transmission and reception for low latency
  • 10W RMS power amplifier with 0dB crest factor and 35% efficiency on GSM for 64km2 coverage area (baseline)
  • 100W Total power consumption

Application Scenarios

  • Rural coverage
  • Roadside coverage
  • Low density villages
  • Remote sites
  • Third-world / developing countries
  • Private Mobile networks
  • Mining Underground
  • Ships
  • Disaster Management
  • Defence, Police, Public Safety
  • Mobile Adhoc Network
  • Deployment on vehicles
  • Headquarter on wheels
  • Control center for sensors
  • IOT Gateway
  • Enabling Digital E commerce
  • Connected Living